It has been a year since I bought myself the LG G watch, I bought it for 2 reasons; 1) because I wanted to try android wear and 2) because it was the cheapest android wear watch available at the time, and now that I have used it for a year, […]

One year later: LG G Watch

It’s approaching the end of October, meaning there are only about two months until Christmas. The stores are lighting up with chocolate and sales in preparation for the big event, but what if you have a kid that isn’t into the toys and candy of Christmas and would prefer to spend […]

Christmas is coming, What is your tech gift plan? (part ...

So… in the midst of moving house, I found some time on my hands. I think we’ve all been there when you’ve finished packing but are waiting for the removalist to arrive. So I decided to get tinkering, and everyone is playing Pokémon go; so I thought, why not? let’s give it […]

Pokemon Go on the LG G Watch. Is it possible?

so a while back i promised that i would write a tutorial on rooting the nexus 5x and nexus 6p, the method of rooting any device is reasonably similar but don’t follow this guide for any devices other than the nexus 2015 brothers. DISCLAIMER: I will not be held responsible […]

Rooting nexus 5X/6P

On paper, the nexus 5x looks like a very powerful device at a very modest price point, google sells the device at A$579.00 which for a device with near flagship specs is a good bargain. it’s also a smaller phone than the other flagships too, a device with a 5.2″ […]

The Nexus 5x, one month later.

In light of Google and other companies promoting Star Wars, we have decided to re-theme our website to show what side we have chosen… What side have you chosen?

We have chosen our side, have you?…

3 days ago i started work on a programming project I’m calling eya. eya, once finished it is to be an artificial intelligence based on the programming language python. When it is finished, it should be able to parallel and hopefully surpass A.I.’s like Siri, I am working on making it […]

it is beginning…