3D printing with glass, now that’s a new thought.

Plastic has been the go-to material for 3D printing since the beginning, now we can 3D print with metal as well, but glass is the new kid on the block.

Researchers at MIT have worked out a way to 3D print with glass. The new method called 3DGP works in much the same way as 3D printing using plastic, but uses transparent glass instead. MIT’s media lab worked with the school’s mechanical engineering department, MIT’s glass labs, and the Wyss Institute to create the new technology.

The printer is made up of two heated chambers stacked atop one another, with the upper chamber heating up to 1900° F to work as a “Kiln Cartridge” while the lower chamber heats and then cools to soften the glass material, according to MIT.

MIT says it is the first of its kind and can be used in many applications.


Original post: TechRadar

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