Windows 10: A Simple Bug, A Simple Fix

The Problem

Yesterday I found a problem with Windows 10. It involves my triple-monitor display. To give you the run-down, two of my monitors are connected to my GPU and the other one is connected to the CPU’s Integrated Graphics. What was happening was my Integrated Graphics monitor was turning on but the Graphics Card monitors were not. This was a pain as I lost two thirds of my workspace and this drastically reduced my productivity.

The Fix

So I spent about 20 minutes rolling back drivers, using software to force enable the card (which didn’t work) and I eventually found the problem in my BIOS settings. What it was doing was using the Intergrated Graphics on boot then Windows 7 would enable the graphics card and continue to boot. Apparently, Windows 10 does not detect a graphics card when Integrated is enabled first. The easy fix is to change the default graphics setting in the BIOS from Integrated or PEG to PCI. Windows will then detect the graphics card and enable the Integrated Graphics.

Disclaimer for techies

Now, I know most people who have three monitors will have them all connected to the GPU’s and not have this problem, but I really wanted to use all of my monitors and my petty 9500 GT can’t drive three monitors so I had to work around it.

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