so a while back i promised that i would write a tutorial on rooting the nexus 5x and nexus 6p, the method of rooting any device is reasonably similar but don’t follow this guide for any devices other than the nexus 2015 brothers. DISCLAIMER: I will not be held responsible […]

Rooting nexus 5X/6P

On paper, the nexus 5x looks like a very powerful device at a very modest price point, google sells the device at A$579.00 which for a device with near flagship specs is a good bargain. it’s also a smaller phone than the other flagships too, a device with a 5.2″ […]

The Nexus 5x, one month later.

3 days ago i started work on a programming project I’m calling eya. eya, once finished it is to be an artificial intelligence based on the programming language python. When it is finished, it should be able to parallel and hopefully surpass A.I.’s like Siri, I am working on making it […]

it is beginning…