Christmas is coming, What is your tech gift plan? (part 1)

It’s approaching the end of October, meaning there are only about two months until Christmas. The stores are lighting up with chocolate and sales in preparation for the big event, but what if you have a kid that isn’t into the toys and candy of Christmas and would prefer to spend the holidays tinkering with some new tech then we have some great Christmas ideas for your children and grand-children and some do’s and do not’s.

do’s and do not’s:

first off make sure your buying the right stuff for the person if you want to boy them an online gift card to spend on Apple’s iTunes or googles play store make sure you get the right card, check to see what kind of device your friend of family member uses, if that use an apple device then they probably want an iTunes gift card, if they use a device from another manufacturer like Samsung or HTC then they most likely want a google play card because they have an android device.

what to buy?

if you have a friend or relative that like tech but you don’t know what to buy for them then consider the following.

A new phone.

A lot of people own a phone, but, it’s old and broken and you want to help fix it and you have a bit of money up your sleeve then the HTC one might be a good idea, in Australia they sell for $300 to $500 depending on where you buy it. If you want to boy them a new smartphone but money is tight then consider the Microsoft Lumia 532 it retails for about $160 and runs windows mobile.

A new watch.

a new dawn is upon us and it is ever growing, if you want to buy a someone a new smartwatch then keep reading because we have a couple of devices arranged from price low to high.

  • pebble smartwatch: $150 U.S. The pebble smartwatch is I low-performance smartwatch with a big battery, the watch uses a special display called an e-paper display and it only uses power when the screen is refreshed, on idle its battery will last about 5 days. it is Bluetooth equipped so you can pair it with your android or ios smartphone.
  • Moto 360 (2014): $150 – $160 U.S. The moto 360 is an android wear device with an ok spec and ok battery, it was one of the first smartwatches to feature a round screen, it is highly customizable, but it being an android wear device that means that it can only be used with android devices.
  • Sony smartwatch 3: $150 U.S. The sony smartwatch 3 is in my opinion the best budget smartwatch, it boasts a 2-day + battery life, Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy) and GPS tracking for all your running needs.
  • Alcatel OneTouch Watch: $90 U.S. The OneTouch is one of the better watches on this list boasting a round screen, easy USB charging (yes there is a USB in the wristband), waterproofing, NFC, heart-rate tracking and its own OS meaning it works well with both android and apple phones.

computers stuff

Do you have someone in your life that is a gamer? do you want to make their gaming experience better? here is another list of things you can do to make them smile.

  • Buy them a new graphics card: a lot of the time gamers are hindered by their graphics cards, the simple way to solve it is to buy a new one, one of the better graphics cards is the Nvidia 960 or 960 TI, with solid benchmark results they are a good card for the casual gamer coming in at around $200 – $400 for them both they are a good buy, if you want to take it up a notch then consider buying the Nvidia 980 or 980 TI with even better benchmark results, but you do pay for it the 980 coming in at about $670 and the 980 Ti c at around $1000, last, but not least the most expencive card of the bunch is the Nvidia Titan X coming in at about $1600 Australian it’s not the cheapest but its worth it outperforming the 960 by about 35%.
  • buy them more ram: ram is key to anything running smoothly, a normal desktop computer will have 4-6GB of ram but a modest gaming computer will have 12-16GB, if you want them to have a lightning fast rig find out how much ram and what kind of ram they have and yes the kind is important, if they have a computer that uses DDR3 ram and you go and but 32GB of DDR4 ram then you just wasted $50-$60 because ram is not backwards-compatible so make sure you get the right one.

That is all we have for part one of this article, but we will be back with part two where we will discuss new rigs and really small computers that do really fun things.

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