Computer Terms

Here you will find all the terms used by KainenTechTips and more. This page is aimed at helping people who aren’t very computer literate understand the blog without difficulty.

GPU – Graphics Processing Unit(s)

Most computers will have these. They are dedicated to making what you see on-screen happen quickly and efficiently.

CPU – Central Processing Unit(s)

All computers will have these. Everything from calculators to advanced gaming computers, and even some cars will have one of these. They are commonly called the brain of the computer.

OS – Operating System

All computers except ASIC’s will have these and even then, most ASIC’s will have them anyway. They are what makes everything happen. See the different types of operating systems page for more details.

ASIC – Application Specific Integrated Circuit

These are computers designed to do one thing and one thing only. A good example of one is a middle school calculator.