Driverless Car, Now We’re Talking.

Google recently announced their driver-less cars, but how will it fair?

Google’s new driver-less cars, yes cars, are now getting smarter than ever. Being able to drive with an assumed voice command (this hasn’t been confirmed) and a push of a button and off you go, but some of us have worries.

With the cars said to be released in 2020, that is still 5 years from now, but the ever burning questions, if there is an accident, who do we blame? The programmer? The manufacturer? the people in the car? This is an important question that needs answering. But Google has been testing the vehicle and feels that it will never crash, however this is a big claim considering the cars are made by people, and as part of being humans, we will make errors.

The cars will come in 2 models, a modified SUV, and a google designed 2 man car, both have the same outfitted hardware to control them, and both use the same computer network. They have GPS units to know where they are, a compass to know which direction they are pointing, a laser mapping system mounted to the roof so they can make a detailed map of where they are, and a camera to identify road signs and proximity sensors mounted on the front sides and back in case any of these systems fail and the emergency brake doesn’t register.

In conclusion, Google’s car has 5 years to improve and be ready for the market, and being ready for the market for something of this caliber, it has to be perfect. A good demonstration of what happens when a smart-car has a security flaw can be demonstrated when a jeep SUV is hacked and controlled remotely.

Video from Wired.

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