One year later: LG G Watch

It has been a year since I bought myself the LG G watch, I bought it for 2 reasons; 1) because I wanted to try android wear and 2) because it was the cheapest android wear watch available at the time, and now that I have used it for a year, I can’t live without it.

Android wear is one if those things you don’t think you need until you have it, and now that I do, I can’t live without it. it makes simple things so much easier, things like discreetly checking your notifications, this was a calling card for me because I haven’t yet finished school, but I still want to see my notifications, before it was a juggle between pulling out my phone at the right time, not letting the teacher see me with the phone, and making sure that the kid that just got in trouble for the same thing doesn’t see you and yell across the room “if I can’t use my phone, why does he get to use his?” which always ends in the phone being taken for the day. But I digress android wear is a powerful platform and it allows you to do so much without touching your phone. and this is the amazing thing, it is useful to all kinds of people working all kinds of jobs, they are great when you are in a meeting, if your phone is on silent the watch will vibrate briefly, just to let you know there is a new notification. you can tell in an instant if it is just an email, or if your wife is calling. and you can decide what to do with it. If it is your wife calling you can shoot back a text message letting her know you’re in a meeting, or if it is the in-laws you can just hang up.

Moving back a bit, this is the LG G watch one year later, not android wear. the G watch has held up reasonably well, the silicone strap that it shipped with did break about a month ago and it does have some scratches on the front bezels from everyday use, and that’s the ting, everyday use, its not something you wear only when you remember it exists, it’s something I use every day. and if you actively read this blog, you probably will too. It has taken its fair share of beats and the most recent left it with some dead pixels, and lots of them, but to be fair that wasn’t a normal use scenario either, it happens when I was mucking around with friends and one hit the watch instead of me, I didn’t notice until about half an hour after, but I did notice, it’s not just one or two, it’s a clump of about 20 dead pixels, right in the middle. and with that in mind, i am looking at getting a new watch. something a bit more expensive, like the Huawei Watch, bit for a watch that you can pick up for about $90 Australian, the LG G watch is perfect if you are not sure about whether or not to buy a smartwatch, if you don’t like it, it’s not like you have spent $90.

With all that said I would highly recommend that you go and buy the LG G watch, it is a great little watch and it doesn’t break the bank. if however you would like a few more bells and whistles, like GPS and NFC, The Sony SmartWatch 3 is a great pick, sitting at about $200 it is double the price but it does come with the extra features.

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