Operating Systems

This page will give a quick summary of the most common Operating Systems (OS).

Desktop Operating Systems:


Windows is the currently most used Operating System in the world for home computers. It also has a reputation for being the most developed Operating System.


Linux is an Open Source OS. This means that it is developed by both a company and its users. It is most often used in servers.


Macintosh (Mac) is a little used but still growing Operating System designed by Apple Inc.

Mobile operating systems:


iOS (iPhone OS) is a mobile platform designed by Apple Inc. It was released with the launch of the iPhone and continued to grow with the company mobile devices. It now runs on iPhone, iPod and iPad. It is a modified version of the Mac OS.

Windows Phone

Windows Phone is a mobile platform designed by Microsoft. It originated as a simpler version of Windows and has evolved like similar Operating Systems.


Android is a Linux based operating system made by Google Inc. It also has evolved over the years. Android is the most modified Open Source Operating System.