OS X: El Capitan

OS X: El Capitan (10.11) was officially announced (and named) on the 8th of June 2015 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). How will the latest operating system from Apple pan out? Read more to find out.This Year at WWDC Apple announced, amongst other things, the latest instalment of Mac OS X. With a boat load of new features they are shipping with El Capitan, we cant review all of them so here are our top 3.


Apple has realised the pain when you just can’t find your mouse, which is why they have come up with this ingenious idea. When you shake the mouse it grows to 20 times its normal size and then shrinks again, making it easy to find.

A New Spotlight

Another one of the new features is a spotlight that is smarter than ever. It now has the ability to recognise phrases like “Documents I worked on last week” and will find anything relative to the phrase. It is also now re-sizeable and moveable.

A new spotlight.img


Apple has finally caught up with the times, and stolen from Microsoft all in the one package. Remember the split-screen fullscreen apps in Windows 8? El Capitan is also doing this now, just after Microsoft stopped.

Split Screen.

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