Pokemon Go on the LG G Watch. Is it possible?

So… in the midst of moving house, I found some time on my hands. I think we’ve all been there when you’ve finished packing but are waiting for the removalist to arrive. So I decided to get tinkering, and everyone is playing Pokémon go; so I thought, why not? let’s give it a try. started with the normal routine of enabling ADB in the watches settings.

Unfortunately, you can’t just go to the play store and install Pokémon go straight to your watch, it’s a little more difficult than that and it requires some comfort with the command line and ADB.

I started with the normal routine of enabling ADB in the watches settings. if you don’t know how to do this, this probably isn’t for you.

Once ADB is enabled, go ahead and download an APK file for Pokémon go, click here for the download (Apkpure)

after this is gets a little more technical, you now need to start on the command line. plug the watch into your computer and you should see a pop-up on your watch asking if you trust the computer for debugging, press yes.

And now, for the command line, it’s not that hard, just daunting.

type this into your command line

adb install \path\to\your\file.apk

this will start the install of Pokémon go on your watch, just sit and wait. Eventually, you will get a success message. once this happens you will find Pokémon go in your apps drawer.


open it and you will be presented with the Niantic loading screen (forgot to take a photo of this) followed by the sign in screen.


this screen, however, does not work and the LG G watch freezes if your patient enough you will be shown an app not responding screen.


But I found that this also doesn’t work and the watch will remain in a frozen state, the only way to fix it (in a reasonable amount of time) it more commands.

punch this into your terminal to reboot the watch

adb reboot

and if you want to uninstall Pokémon go, which I assume you do I’ve got one last command for you.

adb uninstall com.nianticlabs.pokemongo

and that’s is, it turns out that the LG G watch, as you probably guessed at the start, cannot run Pokémon go at all. and on that note, here’s the removalist now.

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