Simple Help with Computers

Some people have trouble using computers. This is why this page exists. This page will go through the basics of using a computer that every user should know.

Copying files or folders

The easiest way to copy any item is to use the keyboard shortcut. If you are using a Windows machine then the shortcut to copy something is Ctrl + C.

Note: When you copy an item you are making a duplicate.

Cutting files or folders

Cutting is used when you want to move a file. This is not making a copy. It is simply relocating the file from the original folder and putting it into a different one. To cut a file or folder use Ctrl + X.

Note: When you cut an item it will no longer be in its original location when you paste it.

Pasting files or folders

So now that you have copied your item, you just need to put it somewhere. To do this navigate to where you want the file, and paste it with Ctrl + V.