Windows 10 Now Being Installed Globally; The Bugs Start to Show

Windows 10 has now been rolled out to about 90% of people who reserved their free upgrade, if you didn’t don’t worry we will cover how to download the upgrade in the next post.

Windows 10 has now been rolled out to around 90% of people who reserved their upgrade, if you reserved an upgrade and haven’t received it yet it should come in a week or two. As usual with the release of any OS there is going to be bugs, and Windows 10 has its fair share of them. Ever since I upgraded to Windows 10 I have noticed considerably more freezing and blue-screen errors than before. To be fair I am using a computer that is quite outdated.

The Start Menu: Sometimes Buggy

The Start Menu in Windows 10 is a welcome return but it is not as great as it used to be. At least once a day it freezes or becomes laggy, taking up to a minute to respond.

Edge Browser: Needs Attention

The new browser said to replace Internet Explorer is blisteringly fast when running on all cylinders but at times it stops responding and even crashes. At other times it has trouble displaying websites correctly. Gmail for example, isn’t always fully operational. This is not surprising for a brand new browser. It even includes the option to open the page in Internet Explorer. All you need to do is click the three dots in the upper right and then click “Open with Internet Explorer”. My guess is that Edge will improve rapidly as updates roll out.

Windows 10 Freezes

This is a hard one to pin down on Windows 10, because so many different things can cause freezes. Anything from software to hardware can cause freezes. General lock-ups seem more frequent in Windows 10 than in Windows 8.1, at times when i have left my computer at idle for half an hour the system is frozen and i need to restart for it to work again,

Helpful tip: If you are going for a coffee break, save your work before you do so.


Microsoft’s Cortana is a good assistant with voice recognition accuracy comparative to Google Now, which is about 90% accurate. Its accuracy tends to falter when dictating an email, but is useful for searching the web. Unfortunately, Cortana frequently displays “Something went wrong, try again in a little bit.”

Overall the stability of Windows 10 can vary depending on your hardware but the operating system is still buggy no matter what hardware you have.

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